Cosmetic acupuncture

Looking young and fresh – It works without botox!

Looking young and fresh – an universal goal throughout the ages. Early evidences in China date back more than ten thousands of years. Many reports about the treatments of acupuncture for cosmetic purposes were found.

In China they knew already thousands of years ago: beauty originates from the inside. Cosmetic acupuncture is far more than a beauty treatment. The whole body and imbalances are treated. It’s not only a cosmetic procedure, the eyes brighten and the skin develops a glow. This makes a big difference to other procedures such as botox which paralyses facial muscles. Cosmetic acupuncture can eliminate fine wrinkles and diminish deep wrinkles. Eyebags and puffiness of face can be reduced. It also can minimize double chins.

For a nearly painless treatment i apply an analgesic gel before needling. I insert the needles on the body and in the face. I use very thin needles, sometimes also seven-star-needles.

Facial massage completes the treatment.

I recommend a series of treatments, at the beginning once or twice a week. The results can be prolonged with maintenance treatments monthly or seasonally.

Examples for treatments:

- Wrinkle treatment

- Eyebags

- Drooping eyelids

- Puffiness of face

- Double chin